Project Babies

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Project Babies

Mission Statement

Project Babies provides information and activities that enable families to become proactive in their children’s health and well being.

Our Vision

Families will be confident in their parenting by utilizing community resources that support them in creating a stable nurturing environments that will ensure the development of a secure sense of competence within their environments for their children.

The vision of Project Babies will be accomplished through activities and programs that center on:

Programs and activities that highlight the importance of care and nurturing of babies prenatal through 2 years of age, such as:

Programs and activities that help parents find their voices and respond to events and issues that impact their community

A study, (“Parent Education Outcomes”) conducted by Joy First, University of Wisconsin, 1993 made the following observation and statement about parent activities and access to information:

“In this study, the outcomes led the participants to make major changes in their lives and in the lives of their children. These transformative changes can ultimately lead parents to take control in many areas of their lives besides parenting…”